You Might Not Have to File a Federal Tax Return This Year!

IRS Revenue

This might come as a surprise to some readers, but you might not have to file a federal tax return, even if you earn a regular income.  The IRS indicates that each year many people file tax returns who aren’t actually required to do so.  Whether or not you have to file a tax return […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

Zions Bank Review

Zions Bank

Before you, your parents or your grandparents were born, a small bank opened their doors in the Utah Territory called Zion’s Savings Bank and Trust Company.  The date was July 10, 1873 and even though the name was new, Zions secured more than $5,000 in deposits during day one.  In the 138 years that have […]

Published or Updated: August 8, 2011

Firstrade Review – Online Discount Broker

Firstrade pricing

Sometimes, a little competition can be a good thing.  With all of the online discount brokers available today, the pricing, customer service, trading tools and execution has to be top notch for a consumer to even consider signing up.  Firstrade boasts that they have all of these things and then some, so let’s put them […]

Published or Updated: June 6, 2013

Are Your Friends Bad for Your Wallet?

Money Wallet

Friendships and relationships, in general, are hard enough to maintain. They can often be compared to a flower garden in that they need constant attention, care and love to thrive and flourish. But what to do when a friendship is putting a financial strain on you – either literally or mentally? Friends who are always […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

FNBO Direct Online BillPay Account Review

FNBO (1)

As banks continue to increase the amount of fees charged to the consumer, especially when it comes to checking accounts, it’s nice to see a bank that still provides the service for free, with an interest rate as a bonus.  FNBO Direct, one of the most well known and respected banking institutions in the US, […]

Published or Updated: April 1, 2015

A Review of DoughHound – Personal Finance Software

DoughHound (1)

Many readers are familiar with the plethora of personal finance tracking sites available these days. Now there’s a newcomer to that arena: The site, created by married couple Daniel and Jillian Tobias, launched earlier this year, and is a spin-off of their personal project to save enough money for a trip around the world. […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

Is an Old-School Gas Card the Answer to Establishing Credit?

Gas Pump

It’s quite possibly one of the most frustrating financial dilemmas that just about every young adult goes through: In order to build credit, you need a credit card, but in order to get a card, you need credit. Who came up with this system? There’s plenty of advice out there about getting around this issue, […]

Published or Updated: February 8, 2011

5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Girlfriends and wives are eagerly awaiting their chocolates, flowers, and that romantic candlelight dinner.  Boyfriends and husbands are struggling to plan the perfect evening, waiting until the last minute to book a restaurant and cringing at the cost of it all. We’re going to try to help you gentlemen out […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013

How and Why You Can Freeze Your Credit

Credit Freeze

Identity theft is an ever-growing criminal industry. Identity thieves can use your identification information to apply for credit cards, open new lines of credit, and run up huge bills. While some safeguards exist to keep identity theft victims from being on the hook for these balances, identity theft can nonetheless dampen your credit. Cleaning up […]

Published or Updated: March 22, 2013