What is IRS Tax Form 6252?

Sometimes, individuals selling a piece of property do so using an installment arrangement. Rather than paying the full amount up front, the buyer agrees to an installment plan over two or more years. If you sold real or personal property (not inventory) using an installment plan, you’ll have to report the sale and income on […]

A Review of OptionsHouse Virtual Trading Platform

OptionsHouse is a popular online discount brokerage house.  It also offers a virtual trading platform that allows you to practice and learn about investing in a risk-free environment. The virtual platform looks and functions just like the real OptionsHouse platform.  Virtual trading allows potential investors to test out strategies and learn the basics of investing.  […]

The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Blockbuster $0.40 Rentals Edition)

It’s no secret that Blockbuster is in serious trouble.  We’ve documented their actions well over the last year or so and even with some of the advantages they have over Netflix, Blockbuster was forced to file for bankruptcy a short time ago. Still trying to fight their way back, Blockbuster has teamed up with the […]

Remember To Take Advantage of the Plug-In Vehicle Tax Credit

As any taxpayer hopefully knows, the federal government offers tax credits to encourage certain spending decisions. For example, the mortgage interest tax deduction encourages home ownership. Well, drivers who want to go green and purchase an electric vehicle are in luck as some vehicle purchases qualify for a tax credit of up to $7,500. For […]

Would You Bank at Redneck Bank?

You likely won’t come across another bank quite like Redneck Bank.  When you visit this online bank’s website, you are met with the large image of a mule complete with animated eyes.  Opposite the mule is the account login button, which is an icon of a little outhouse.  Underneath the bank’s name is their slogan, […]

Jump Start Your Financial Goals

Starting to save money is like going on a diet. You are much more likely to reach your goals if you make lifestyle changes that lead to gradual improvements. It isn’t healthy to try to lose 20 pounds in a week, and saving money is not going to happen overnight, either. However, just as experts […]