Why Term Life Insurance is the Smart Life Insurance

When making financial decisions, we like to stress that circumstances matter.  Your wants and needs make a decision good for you, even though it might not be the best choice for me.  This is less true, though, in deciding whether to purchase term or whole life insurance. Term life insurance is almost always the better […]

8 Tax Benefits for Parents

Children can bring tremendous happiness to a parent’s life.  However, raising and educating those little bundles of joy can burn a noticeable hole in your wallet. Fortunately, parents may be able to take advantage of a number of tax deductions and credits designed to reduce the costs associated with parenting.  The IRS recently laid out […]

What To Do When You Lose Your Passport

Your passport is like your ticket to new worlds, different lands, exotic destinations and ancient ruins. There’s no doubt that losing your passport may feel as terrible as losing your wallet. Bet instead of losing your mind if you do happen to lose your passport, it’s important to collect yourself and follow some very simple […]

5 Ways You Can Save Your Business Money on Credit Card Processing

Shopping with a magic card (that’s what my mom calls her credit card) is very easy, but it can be a big pain for many businesses. Managing business finances is a huge job, and many companies often overlook credit card processing fees that are paid each month.  It’s not uncommon for a new business to […]

5 Ways to Acquire $100 In a Pinch

Although unfortunate, there is no doubt that at some point you may be desperate for emergency money. If the “go-to” options are not available, i.e., withdrawing money from a checking or savings account, taking a credit advance or liquidating securities, then what in the world could you do, for example, to get your hands on […]

Ally Bank’s 10-Day Rate Guarantee on CD’s

No one likes opening a checking or savings account only to watch the interest rate drop.  The same is true when opening a longer term certificate of deposit (CD).  Interest rates can fluctuate between the time you open a CD and the time you fund it. Ally Bank has attracted customers to its CDs by […]