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Driving Slower Can Save You Money!

You may hear friends say that the faster you go over 55, the much less efficient your vehicle will become. “Driving at 75 miles per hour takes twice as much gas! Slow down!” That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the concept holds true. Every vehicle has a particular spot at which it burns the […]

Published or Updated: July 13, 2016

The Interesting Process of Taking a Company Public

Earlier this week, we wrote about a slew of IPOs ready to take place.  One of them that I was particularly excited about, Caesar’s Entertainment Group, died just a day before it was supposed to go public so I wanted to know what the process is for a company to go public.  An initial public […]

Published or Updated: November 23, 2010

What is Tax Form 1040 Schedule L?

As you may know, every taxpayer is allowed to take a standard deduction, or to itemize their deductions if it will more greatly reduce their tax obligation. Some taxpayers have many deductions that can add up to more than the standard deduction. This is particularly true for homeowners, whose deductible mortgage interest can add up […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

How To Budget Appropriately This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and no one can deny that the preparation of this meal is a labor of love. Families all over the United States spend hours beforehand preparing the Thanksgiving Day menu, shopping for the food at the grocery store, and preparing the meal in the kitchen. However, not only is the Thanksgiving […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

The Lowdown on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

Most investors are familiar with mutual funds and index funds. In a mutual fund, investors pool their investment dollars, and fund managers decide how to invest that money. Investors are typically involved with certain aspects of the fund: strategy, what sorts of stocks or bonds it will invest in, size of firms it will invest […]

Published or Updated: November 18, 2010

Your Credit Score: When Good Enough Will Do

In life, some high numbers matter more than others. A higher SAT score may get you that scholarship or that coveted spot at your chosen university. A higher salary is very rarely a negative. And having ended the game with the highest number on the scoreboard makes your team the winner. Having a really high […]

Published or Updated: April 3, 2014

10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy a Home in the US

Between February and August of this year, Coldwell Banker studied average home prices in nearly 300 markets where the firm operates. The firm tracked the average prices of four bedroom, two bathroom houses in markets across the United States. The resulting report shows huge differences across the US, with average prices for comparable homes ranging […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

The Great Debate Between Disposable and Rechargable Batteries

Being environmentally friendly is often extremely inconvenient (CFL bulbs that give off weird light) or just plain expensive (solar panels that never recover their costs). But sometimes, we get it just right. We find products that are easier on both our planet and our pocket books, and actually make life easier. This is especially true […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

The History of the Credit Score

Credit scores became widely used in the 1980’s. Before the credit score was used, human judgment was the primary factor in deciding who received credit. Lenders relied on their past experience at observing consumer behavior as the basis for deciding which consumers warranted credit. This was not only a slow process, but also involved human […]

Published or Updated: April 20, 2013

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