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Your Savings Account Can Help You Avoid Costly Overdraft Fees

Starting on August 15th, 2010, the Federal Reserve banned banks from automatically enrolling customers in overdraft protection for cash withdrawals or debt card purchases. You’ve probably received a letter from your bank previously, looking for you to “opt-in” to the overdraft plan, or to sign that you are aware of the new overdraft regulations.  If […]

Published or Updated: September 13, 2010

7 Ways to Prevent New Account Fraud

Identity Theft takes many forms. In some cases, your identity can be used to withdraw money from existing accounts or to use existing credit. One of the more difficult types of identity theft to detect, however, is called new account fraud. With new account fraud, your personal information (e.g. social security number, date of birth, […]

Published or Updated: March 14, 2013

AMEX National Money Talk Night $100 Giveaway!

As we mentioned in our last giveaway, we’re hosting giveaways around family finances in celebration of the National Money Night Talk! For those of you who don’t know, American Express teamed up with personal finance expert Jean Chatzky to launch the “National Money Night Talk” program, encouraging parents around the country to have “the talk” […]

Published or Updated: December 17, 2011

7 Ways To Invest in Gold

Gold investments offer an excellent way for investors to store wealth in tough economic times. Investors looking to buy gold will find that there are numerous options available, depending on an investor’s goal. The seven most popular gold investing options are listed below. Physical Gold Investors who invest in physical gold will most often select […]

Published or Updated: January 12, 2011

What is Tax Form 1040 Schedule A?

If you’ve always filed your taxes with a 1040EZ, you may not be familiar with the Schedule A.  This is the schedule that allows you to take an itemized deduction, rather than the standard deduction for the year. The schedule walks you through possible deductions you can take on your taxes. (Filers using a 1040EZ […]

Published or Updated: February 11, 2015

The Bottled Water Industry is Out of Control

Over the past ten years, the global bottled water industry has taken off; however sales and profits have slumped amidst the global recession. Following double digit growth at the beginning of the decade, bottled water volume declined by 1.0% in 2008 and by 2.5% in 2009. These declines took producers’ revenues down with them. Bottled […]

Published or Updated: June 6, 2013

The DoughRoller Weekly RoundUp (Wikinvest Launches Portfolio Tracking iPhone App Edition)

Frustrated that your brokerage doesn’t have an iPhone app? Or that you have to download three different apps for your three different brokerage accounts? Today Wikinvest launched the Wikinvest Portfolio Manager iPhone app to solve these problems. The app gives you the features of the online Wikinvest portfolio tracker in the palm of your hand. […]

Published or Updated: May 23, 2011

A Deeper Look Into the Unemployment Rate

If you pay much attention to the news, you’ll find yourself bombarded by the most recent unemployment numbers. This percentage expresses the number of people considered in the labor force who are unemployed, available, and actively seeking work. The unemployment rate is a long-standing indicator of economic performance. What the unemployment rate doesn’t do, at […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

The 10 Largest Cities in the United States

Photo: Wallyg Love the amenities a city has to offer? Interested to live in places filled arts, nightlife and bustle? Or are you looking for the amenities without the crowds? Regardless of the urban environment you’re seeking, we’ve compiled the list of the 10 most populated US cities as of this very moment: New York […]

Published or Updated: April 4, 2013

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