Health Care Reform Bill–26 Facts and Figures

By a vote of 219 to 212, the House of Representatives passed the health care reform bill. While it seems everybody has an opinion about Obamacare, we thought we’d stick just to the facts, and let you decide whether the bill is good or bad for the country. So with that in mind, here are […]

How to Get Your Tax Refund Deposited On a Prepaid Card

Direct deposit of a tax refund is great news for some. You get your refund added to your checking account in about two weeks rather than the six to eight weeks it takes for a paper check refund. And you avoid the hassle of schlepping to your bank to deposit the refund check. For those […]

Beware of Census Scams

This week you should find the 2010 census survey in your mailbox. The U.S. census is conducted every 10 years as required by the Constitution. The Constitution mandates that a census be taken every decade to apportion the number of members of the House of Representatives among the states. But the census is also used […]

How to Snag Big Game Tickets at Face Value

If you’ve ever attended a big time sporting event, like the Superbowl or NCAA Men’s Final Four, then you’ve probably spent a good amount of money over face value for the tickets.  Every year in the sporting world, there are 10-12 events that scalpers and ticket brokers can’t greedily anticipate. And when fans are desperate […]

How to Invest Like a Hedge Fund Manager

How to use SEC Form 13F to find stock tips I recently opened a Scottrade account for my SEP IRA. For the first time in 20 years of investing, I’ve decided to buy individual stocks in this account rather than mutual funds. And this decision has made me confront a fundamental investing question: How do […]

Warning: Work From Home Oppotunities May be A Scam

I’m sure that a week doesn’t go by where you receive a few emails in your spam folder about the wonderful opportunities that are available for you to work at home.   In some cases, the e-mail promises a job that requires you to shell out money for the employment opportunity. Whether you’re a ‘check-cash go […]