What is an SR-22 Form and How Do You Get One?

You might think that with tax time in full swing, an SR-22 form is another one of those obscure deduction forms you need to keep on hand in case of an audit.  Perhaps an SR-22 form is a signed affidavit allowing a piece of evidence into a jury trial?  We probably could go on all […]

Are Discount Health Plans a Scam?

Health insurance is expensive. And if you are shopping for individual health insurance, you know it can be really expensive. Add to that pre-existing conditions, and the price can be outright ridiculous. And that’s why the following claims can be really enticing to those looking for health insurance: Affordable Health Care Plan Pre-existing conditions? No […]

What is an Insurance Bureau Score?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of a FICO credit score. We’ve talked about credit scores in the past, including how to improve your score and how to get your FICO score. But what you may have never heard of before is your Insurance Bureau Score. If you have a credit score, you have an insurance score, too. […]

Don’t Be Stupid… Financially Speaking

This guest post comes from Darwin’s Finance, a blog focused on approaching personal finances from an innovative evolutionary standpoint, and ETFBase, which is focused solely on ETF strategies and news. So Google coined “Don’t be Evil”. I’m not the first one to say “Don’t be Stupid” and I won’t be the last. But I see […]

Should a Credit Card Act as Your Emergency Fund?

It’s a commonly accepted rule of personal finance that one should save 3 to 6 month’s worth of expenses in an emergency fund. Reserved for true emergencies, the conventional wisdom dictates that you stash your cash in a high rate savings account or maybe a short-term high yield CD. The key is to have ready […]

How To Pick a Winning Bond Fund

Many investors don’t pay much attention to the bond portion of their portfolio. And that’s not surprising. Bond funds aren’t very exciting. I suspect most investors’ reasoning goes something like this: If I pick a winning stock fund, my results improve dramatically. If I pick a winning bond fund, my results improve by what, one […]