Does Bouncing a Check Hurt Your Credit Score?

Some time ago we asked What Costs More–A Bounced Check, Credit Card Late Payment Penalty or Payday Loan? Earlier this week, a reader left a comment on the article asking whether a bounced check could affect your credit rating. Since most of us have probably bounced a check before, I thought it was a good […]

SmartyPig – The Ultimate Online Piggy Bank

Among high yield savings accounts, the folks at SmartyPig have come up with a unique way to save money. If you haven’t heard of SmartyPig, you’re not alone.  Unlike some of the other online banks available, SmartyPig doesn’t get tangled up in anything other than savings accounts.  Their tag-line of “Simple, Smart, Savings” says it […]

5 Downsides To Using a Debit Card

Debit cards have revolutionized the way that consumers can make their daily purchases, as the hassle of carrying around cash is all but obsolete these days.  Knowing that your money is safely tucked away in an interest bearing, FDIC insured savings or checking account is more than enough reason to carry a debit card. However, […]

5 Financial Goals Every Baby Boomer Should Set

Financial Goals Every Baby Boomer Should Have A reader recently asked about financial goals for those 50 years old or better. Here’s her question: Now I’d like to know if you can list ways of setting up long term goals for people 50 years and over. At least some examples would do the trick. While […]

How to File Your Annual Tax Returns Online

Filing my tax returns as a teenager in the 1970’s was easy. I’d go to the post office to get the tax forms. It took me about an hour to fill them out both my state and federal returns. And then I dropped them in the mail and anxiously waited for the tax refund checks. […]

A Simple Yet Profitable Call Option Strategy

The other day I was talking with a good friend named Adam about options trading. Adam use to work for a pension fund, but now crunches housing data for a think tank in Washington, D.C. When it comes to investing, he is one of the smartest guys I know, and he’s done very well for […]