How to Walk Out of Vegas a Winner. Seriously.

Every year, millions of people flood the strip of Las Vegas with a dream that their life could change for the better if they come out winning big. With the Affiliate Summit (a conference for bloggers), which is held in Las Vegas about a month away, there’s a very good chance I will be one […]

8 Secret Credit Scores Creditors Use to Monitor You

You already know about your FICO credit score, which helps lenders determine your creditworthiness and is based on the information found in your credit reports. But there are other types of consumer scores out there that are relatively unknown — but which can affect you tremendously. Lenders formulate these secret scores for you based on a […]

Citibank’s Student Promotion For The Holidays

From now until January 15th 2010, students approved for either the Citibank mtvU Platinum Select Card or the Citi Student Forward Card can earn an addition 3,600 bonus points.  Accumulating bonus points is easy, as explained below. With all of the different ways to accumulate rewards points, it can be confusing to see what the […]

Powerful Internet Marketing for Small Businesses–A Case Study

When I started this site back in 2007, I had never heard of Internet Marketing. I had no clue how search engines worked. I couldn’t build a website to save my life. But hour by painstaking hour I learned. Fast forward to 2009, and I’ve found myself talking to small business owners (franchisees, home-based business […]