Credit Card Fees and Fine Print – What’s in your wallet?

Credit card companies are masters of marketing. From cash back to travel rewards, and 0% introductory rates to gas rebates, credit card companies have turned a once fledgling industry (remember MasterCharge?) into a multi-billion dollar juggernaut. While taking advantage of credit card rewards can be a financial boon, care must be taken that fees and […]

SEO Copywriting – How to Get Your Article to the Top of Google

SEO copywriting is the art and science of writing articles that rank well in search engines for the keyword phrase you are targeting. It’s a science in that search engines use complex algorithms to rank the search results when a web surfer types in a keyword phrase. While search engines like Google do not publicize […]

My Investments and Online Income (June 2008)

June 2008 was a difficult month for the stock market. Along with the market, my investments were down significantly. For the year my investment portfolio is down about 10%. On the bright side, my online income held steady. Here are all the details of both my investments and online income. Topics: Investing

Do you change your investment strategy in a falling market?

I read with dismay the following from an “investment professional” in yesterday’s Washington Post: Now is not the time to drink the “buy and hold” investment strategy Kool-Aid. Be conservative, limit your risk–and sleep well knowing your investment principal is not going to continue to decline. The comment was in response to the following hypothetical […]

Anatomy of an Optimized WordPress Blog

Building an optimized WordPress blog is a critical step to making money online. Whether you intend to build a mini site focused on a narrow topic, an authority blog that covers a broad range of subjects, or a site to promote your small business, creating a site architecture that search engines will love is a […]

Roth 401k — Why these retirement plans may be bad for your wealth

Let’s get right to the point. Saving for retirement in a Roth 401k likely will leave you with less money in retirement than if you had invested in a traditional 401k. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, a Roth 401k may be the right choice if you make more than $1 million […]