World Markets Plunge: What should investors do (a multiple choice question)?

World markets plunged yesterday. Just to recap: Britain’s benchmark FTSE-100: -5.5% France’s CAC-40 Index: -6.8% Germany’s blue-chip DAX 30: -7.2% India’s benchmark stock index: -7.4% Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index: -5.5% Canada’s S&P/TSX composite index: -4.8% Brazilian stocks: -6.6% Argentina’s Merval index: -6.3% About the only market not to decline was the U.S. markets, because […]

A Visual Guide to Lending Money with Prosper’s New Portfolio Plans

Recently I described how I overcame my fear of P2P lending. One factor that encouraged me to dive into peer to peer lending was Prosper’s new Portfolio Plans. With these plans, you can quickly and easily select the types of loans you want to make, and then leave all of the hard work up to […]

Interview with Investing Author Richard A. Ferri, CFA

Richard Ferri is CEO of Portfolio Solutions, LLC, an investment management firm based in Troy, MI. Portfolio Solutions manages approximately $1 billion in separate accounts for high-net-worth individuals, families, non-profit organizations, and corporate pension plans. The firm specializes in a low-cost, tax-efficient, asset allocation investment approach to building wealth. Rick has written five books on […]

Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs: Here’s what’s new for 2008

The IRS each year issues a very helpful and thorough publication about Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs. Called Publication 590, the document covers traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs and other related issues. The IRS just released its 2007 edition (it comes at the end of the year). It’s available as a pdf, but be […]

Enter to Win 3 Great Investing Books by Richard A. Ferri, CFA

I’m excited to announce the first book giveaway here at The Dough Roller. Three lucky winners will each win copies of three books written by Richard A. Ferri, CFA. Two of the books I’ve written about and are both recommendations in my Amazon aStore—All About Asset Allocation and All About Index Funds. These are two […]

How I Overcame My Fear of Lending Money on

I‘ve invested in the stock market for more than 15 years. I own mutual funds that invest in junk bonds, emerging markets, micro cap stocks and other very risky investments. I’ve lived through severe market downturns like we saw in 2000-2002. I’ve watched my portfolio balance plunge, all the while holding steadfast with my investment […]