Beginner’s Guide to Asset Allocation–Foreign vs. Domestic Mutual Funds

I remember a time when “Made in China” stamped on a product was a novelty. Not anymore. Today, the growth of industry outside the U.S. is proceeding at a fast clip. Globalization, as many describe it, is making investments abroad more critical to a diversified portfolio than ever before. In fact, about 50% of the […]

5 Money-Saving Reasons to Buy an Apple iPhone

Let’s get real. The iPhone looks great, but at $500-$600, it’s a big budget-buster. So I’ve come up with 5 excuses justifications rationalizations sound financial money-saving reasons to buy an iPhone, just in case you need to feel better about the money you’re going to spend. Here you go: iPod is so yesterday: With a […]

Growth vs Value Mutual Funds

The last article in this series covered the market cap of funds, asking whether size matters. Today we look at the difference between growth vs value mutual funds. Value Funds: A value stock is one that is undervalued according to some measurement. It may be undervalued because it’s in an industry that is struggling. It […]

Are You in a Quicken Coma?

Question: What’s the worst kind of problem to have? Answer: The one you don’t know even exists. That’s what makes a Quicken Coma so dangerous, and I just woke up from mine. So what’s a Quicken Coma? A Quicken Coma is when your use of a personal finance software program lulls you into thinking you […]

Is the Church a Charity?

One of the great things about personal finance blogs is that money touches almost every part of our lives, including our spiritual lives. Whether you regularly attend religious services, or even if you are an atheist, there is a sense of right and wrong, good and bad in all of us. This raises the question, […]