REIT–Real Estate Investment Trusts

REITs are an important asset class for a diversified portfolio of mutual fund investments. A REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), as the name suggests, invests in real estate. This article will describe these investments, why they are an important consideration as you build your portfolio of investments, and some of the REIT mutual funds and […]

10 Surefire Ways to Retire Broke

If your goal is to reach 65 broke, with no way to retire, then this article is for you. Here are 10 surefire ways to retire broke: Don’t invest until you can afford to: The last thing you want to do is invest in risky stocks and bonds before you’re debt-free. Wait until you can […]

Don’t Judge A Mutual Fund By Its Name

So you’ve designed the perfect asset allocation. You’ve carefully chosen each of your mutual funds. And you religiously invest in each fund to build your wealth, one dollar at a time. The problem is, the mutual fund that describes itself as a “Small Cap Value” fund turns out to be a mid cap blend fund. […]

A Great Alternative to Buying Expensive Cameras, Lenses and other Photography Equipment

It happens every time we go on vacation. I plan on buying some high quality lenses for my Nikon D70, which are as impressive as they are expensive. As we get closer to the vacation, however, I get cold feet because of the price tag. We’re talking lenses that cost nearly $2,000. And so I […]

Does God Want You to be Rich?

Does God want you to be rich? Before reading any further, post a comment to this article answering that question. I’ll wait . . . . Ok. I imagine the answers to this question will range from “Yes, He does” to “No, She doesn’t” to “God? There is no God.” Some will take this question […]

Morningstar’s Instant X-Ray Tool

The Morningstar User’s Guide is a series of articles discussing how to make the best use of the tools, research and analysis available at Morningstar’s X-Ray tool, as the name suggests, allows you to look through your portfolio of mutual funds to see exactly what you own. This tool is a great way to […]