Making the Most of Morningstar: Portfolio Manager

The Morningstar User’s Guide is a series of articles discussing how to make the best use of the tools, research and analysis available at In the last article we covered a basic Introduction to Today we look at adding our portfolio to Morningstar. After you register with Morningstar (which is free), adding your […]

What Will You Be Doing The Day Before The Market Crashes?

I was browsing through an antique store this past week and found some old bank checks. Let’s just say they don’t make checks like they use to. Here’s one written from a PepsiCo account: This reminds me of drinking Pepsi from a glass bottle (I know, I’m showing my age). But there was one check […]

Making the Most of Morningstar: Introduction

Morningstar offers a wealth of free and paid tools, research and analysis of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. As useful as this information can be, however, it can feel like information-overload or just plain confusing. For example, when I first started using Morningstar, I had many questions: what does the Morningstar Star ratings mean and […]

Are Mutual Funds for the Poor?

The Wealth Report, a WSJ blog written by Robert Frank, recently posted an interesting article entitled How the Rich Invest. The upshot of the article is that the rich don’t invest in mutual funds or ETFs. A survey conducted by Prince & Associates, Inc. found that for those investing more than $20 million, not one […]

Motivation and Money Tip # 7: Be Thankful

Recently, I watched the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, starring Will Smith. The movie, which is based on a true story, is about a father trying desperately to provide for his family and to make a better life for himself. Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a salesman of medical equipment who is just getting by. […]

Can PF Bloggers Share Too Much?

I ran across an interesting post today at Consumerism Commentary called Wall Street Journal: Managing Money in Public. The post is about a Wall Street Journal article describing the trend of twentysomethings sharing their personal finance information online. I recommend the article, which includes a number of links to sites that enable you to publish […]