How to Invest Like a Pro

My wife and I had a eye-opening conversation about investing the other day. We were discussing our investments, which I manage. The conversation drifted to how my wife would handle our investments should I die. That’s when things got interesting. The long and short of it is that my wife is simply not comfortable making […]

Motivation and Money Tip # 8: Listen

Struggling financially can be a lonely business. Often times we don’t want to tell others about our financial turmoil. Even husbands and wives sometimes won’t talk to each other about a money problem, particularly if the other doesn’t know about the $500 that was charged to the Visa credit card. And eventually, we can convince […]

“Holy Balance Transfer Fee, Batman! That 0% Credit Card Cost Me 6%!”

I just hate misleading advertising, don’t you? The other day I received an offer for my AT&T Universal Card for a balance transfer at 0% interest until January 1, 2008. Zero percent credit card deals can be a great way to save money, which is the hallmark of smarter money management. But as always, I […]

Making the Most of Morningstar: Determining the Cost of Your Mutual Funds

The Morningstar User’s Guide is a series of articles discussing how to make the best use of the tools, research and analysis available at As we saw in the last article covering Morningstar’s Portfolio Manager, the tool provides some basic information about our investments, including the fund name, price, market value and the Morningstar […]

How to Find The Hidden Cost of Mutual Funds

I wish mutual fund companies actual sent us a bill each time they charged us. They don’t, of course, and so like The Dark Side of Placing Your Finances on Autopilot, we can easily forget about just how much they cost us. On top of that, not all costs of owning a mutual fund are […]

Nothing New Under The Sun

I like reading older personal finance books that aren’t part of the current craze of “Get Rich Quickly” books that seemed to get published daily. That’s why I love used book stores, and last week I found this gem, Money Game, which was published in 1967. The author is George Goodman, who published the book […]